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Rashi’s Special: Instant pasta recipe

Hey guys! Waddup? Today, I thought of sharing an amazing recipe of my mom and mine. It is a really easy peasy lemon squeeze (thought it doesn't have lemons) recipe and it takes just 10 mins to make! My mom taught me this unique-her-style of pasta so that I could cook at least something for… Continue reading Rashi’s Special: Instant pasta recipe


Libster Award! – awarded by Savio

Yesterday when I was going through the stats of the day on my blog...I found that Savio has awarded me with LIEBSTER award!! Being my 5th day and 7th post on the blog, I am so overwhelmed!! I can't thank Savio enough for this! He has one of the greatest blogs and he's writings are… Continue reading Libster Award! – awarded by Savio

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Story-time! The turning point in my life!

  Prostrated on the back seat of the car, we were retracing our tracks home after a short adventurous weekend. “This weekend was a terrific experience! ”, cried my younger brother fidgeting with the bag besides him. I opened the window when the wind wafted past me  and  no sooner I realized that this was… Continue reading Story-time! The turning point in my life!