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A letter to 20 year old me #Rashi

Dear 20-year-old Rashi, By the time you read this letter there might me much better ways to connect with the future self but for now let me stick to my adorable blog. For now, I am enjoying my school life and learning how not to procrastinate.  I know times would have changed and that you… Continue reading A letter to 20 year old me #Rashi

Daily, Rashi's Special

SWING – a poem

  You are sitting on a swing And you start giving it a push So that it starts swinging Once it’s fast enough You stop swinging And take your legs up Slowly and steadily The swing’s speed decreases Going back to be stable, fairly But suddenly you realize That this swing Is just like your… Continue reading SWING – a poem

Daily, Rashi's Special

International Day of Peace

What comes to your mind when I say PEACE?  no conflicts?  being emotionally satisfied? knowing the self-worth? being financial satisfied? Definitely, We all have different views on what 'peace' defines. Well to me, it is having a kind but crisp heart with conscience  as well as being merry about yourself and doing what you want… Continue reading International Day of Peace

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Must-have’s in the handbag

Now I know that we all have to carry some essential stuff in the bag and we carry almost everything in the bag until it is full. We even fill in the stuff we think is for 'just-in-case'. Hence, today I thought of jotting down to essential things everyone should have in the bag! Voila!… Continue reading Must-have’s in the handbag

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The Art of getting ready in 5 minutes.

Hola people! In the rushing hours of 2016, I have noticed that most people 'claim' to have less time to get ready (stereo-typically pointing towards women 😉 ). And I'm sure ALL of us struggle to get ready as soon as possible for which ever we are heading to. Sometimes don't you wish that you… Continue reading The Art of getting ready in 5 minutes.