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Living for the Second Time – Organ Donation

While reading an article about Organ Donation, I realized that I have known that it always existed, however, even though it has a very significant impact on people's lives, it has appeared to have a lack of awareness. So today, I decided to write about Organ Donation to spread the awareness! I hope you will… Continue reading Living for the Second Time – Organ Donation

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Equality is not enough

I'd wanted to share this since a long time, and I have written the same topic on another website, but I wanted it to be on my blog as well so here it goes ๐Ÿ™‚ You have a Hersheyโ€™s cookie and cream in your hand and you have 3 other friends, what do you do?… Continue reading Equality is not enough

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Must-have’s in the handbag

Now I know that we all have to carry some essential stuff in the bag and we carry almost everything in the bag until it is full. We even fill in the stuff we think is for 'just-in-case'. Hence, today I thought of jotting down to essential things everyone should have in the bag! Voila!… Continue reading Must-have’s in the handbag

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The Art of getting ready in 5 minutes.

Hola people! In the rushing hours of 2016, I have noticed that most people 'claim' to have less time to get ready (stereo-typically pointing towards women ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). And I'm sure ALL of us struggle to get ready as soon as possible for which ever we are heading to. Sometimes don't you wish that you… Continue reading The Art of getting ready in 5 minutes.

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Rashi’s Special: Instant pasta recipe

Hey guys! Waddup? Today, I thought of sharing an amazing recipe of my mom and mine. It is a really easy peasy lemon squeeze (thought it doesn't have lemons) recipe and it takes just 10 mins to make! My mom taught me this unique-her-style of pasta so that I could cook at least something for… Continue reading Rashi’s Special: Instant pasta recipe