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A letter to 20 year old me #Rashi

Dear 20-year-old Rashi, By the time you read this letter there might me much better ways to connect with the future self but for now let me stick to my adorable blog. For now, I am enjoying my school life and learning how not to procrastinate.  I know times would have changed and that you… Continue reading A letter to 20 year old me #Rashi


Libster Award! – awarded by Savio

Yesterday when I was going through the stats of the day on my blog...I found that Savio has awarded me with LIEBSTER award!! Being my 5th day and 7th post on the blog, I am so overwhelmed!! I can't thank Savio enough for this! He has one of the greatest blogs and he's writings are… Continue reading Libster Award! – awarded by Savio