Rashi's Special, Story

Happiest day of my life?

Whenever I’m asked to write about the happiest day of my life

I’d say it was the day my baby brother was born.

Yes, I was just 3 then and obviously I wanted a baby sister

If you asked me what I had for dinner yesterday or that where was I doing last week this time, I’d definitely freeze and say I really don’t remember

But then in that hospital that day

Oh how can ever I forget when I lay

My eyes first time on you

Those chubby cheeks

Those small eyes

Those small hands

Those small legs

I stood there in awe

When I realized what a cute little thing my parents got

Remember when we played 3 little pigs and a fox- yep we totally made up a game with pillows and sheets.


Remember when we skated up and down in the house

Remember when we splashed water on people from our balcony during the Holi fest

Remember when you pushed me all over the house on a plastic chair when my leg was plastered

Remember when as soon as my school finished I came to pick you up from yours and held hands until we reached the car?

Remember when…. do you?

Or you just recall the fights we had

Scratching nails and throwing things at each other

Telling on one other when we promised we got each other’s back

or just remember me telling mom no I don’t want to take my little brother to my friends birthday party

I would see you there with a smile, hoping i would lend you some of my time

It’s the Sibling love they say

I know you have patience but I don’t

You waited

I can’t

If all the times we missed fun cause of me I’m sorry I was a growing kid too and didn’t want to be responsible with you

But now when I look back and see,

I know;

I know you’re the best friend ever of mine there shall be;

So cheers to all these years together

And more to be ;

Thank you for all little things you did for me .

He’s the only one I’ve ever shared the mothers womb with;

And yea same DNA same blood;

That’s magical

But regardlessly

I love you unconditionally ❤️

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