Daily, Rashi's Special, Story

New Perspective

I loved reading books.

Yes I said it in the past with an “Ed”.

I used to read all the time;

Whether in the bathroom or waiting in a line.

Infact which inspired me to write my own writings,

So I started with small poetries and stories of mine.

And to compile it all together I made a blog, a small blog.

Surprisingly, the readers loved the idea and they started to pile on.

6 months into my log

With 2 blogger awards

And I knew I was already out of the words;

Or maybe that I got a new effing brand new iPhone,

so I’d rather waste my time in it than going to write my blog backwards..

I just couldn’t write anymore,

Felt like all my stars had fallen on the floor;

Was full of no emotions;

Basic ideas only for instagram double tap likes

and tik tok slow motions.

And now, now I think I need to rush back

To call the emotions and words that I lack

To feel alive and regained


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