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Guest Post: The Beat – Ziana Drew

She killed me, broke my heart, mended it with Nutella and filled it with Tequila.
Now, it beats. It beats to a rhythm, a rhythm that’s made of the beats of self-discovery, beats of wanderlust, beats of joy, friendship, love, lust and to whatever it feels like. Life has become nothing but a game and I feel a high that I’ve never felt before.
This high’s different, I feel like I’m flying, but I can feel the concrete touch the sole (or shall I say soul) of my feet. I feel like I have wings, yet I need wheels to fly. I  feel everything, yet I feel nothing and now, each moment has become a moment that I don’t want to live past, that I don’t want to forget, that I don’t want to leave, that I don’t want to go.
Can’t I just stay here? Here, right next to you, with my head on your shoulder, our fingers tangled, our eyes wet, out hearts happy and our lips sealed, our brains shut, all the comments muted, all the outsiders eyes blinded.
Just you, me and our Castle on the Hill, I don’t even mind if that dagger in your hand pierces through my heart right now…

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