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International Day of Peace

What comes to your mind when I say PEACE?  no conflicts?  being emotionally satisfied? knowing the self-worth? being financial satisfied? Definitely, We all have different views on what ‘peace’ defines. Well to me, it is having a kind but crisp heart with conscience  as well as being merry about yourself and doing what you want to do with calmness of mind.

The world is constantly changing, some changes are favorable and some are not, however one thing that is prevalent within all the human beings is that we want peace. Living in a world where peace appears to be a minotiry of needs; UN has announced 21st of the september to be world peace day, the purpose to celebrate this day is to create sense and awareness in the people about the importance of peace.

Peace dosen’t come from setting goals or achievements, it comes from being mentally and emotionally satisfied by your choice of life. While you find your own outward manifestations of a peaceful life according to your beliefs and lifestyle; there are underlying things, such as violence, being intolerant, and living under presure or threat; these happenings in the world require a stage of calmness.

A feeling that ‘all is right’ is when you are at peace. How do you achieve it? Living in harmony, respecting other religions, considering all points of view, accepting changes are the some ways to balance your inner peace.

“Peace begins with a smile” is one of my favorite line by  Mother Teresa. You say that a smile can make someone’s day, however imagine what a world full of people smiling be like! Everyday, if you initiate a kind action towards a person or even an animal, tomorrow they maybe inspired by you to make a difference in other’s life. Like a ripple effect it will spread, small at first but after a while it will spread out throughout the pond. Let’s make this world a better place.

Peace out!






11 thoughts on “International Day of Peace”

      1. 🙂 even though it’s a international day of peace….. But I’m sure people living with you when they see you smiling are at peace for the whole year…. Like your smile ….. Keep smiling and stay at peace…


  1. Joy and Contentment…the two work together to help create Peace. You can have Joy, and yet not be feeling good. If you can be content, you may not feel threatened by things you can’t control…Keep writing!

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