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Guest post: Get the look, TS

Hey guys! Today, I have a special friend of mine who is a blogger, Adele (I know I like her name too!) as a guest post on my blog! Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think about the new idea!


Taylor Swift is someone I feel whose style is underrated. Possibly due to the fact that most people are more interested in who she is dating more than what she is wearing, which you can’t really blame anyone for? I’m seriously finding it so hard to keep up?!

But aside from her colourful love life, she has an extremely chic sense of fashion. Far from her early curly haired – cowboy boots days, she has evolved into a real style queen and is looked up to by young followers all around the world. What I find so interesting about Taylor’s fashion sense is that she can go from being dressed like a 1950’s starlet one day to a 90’s grunge girl the next. She doesn’t exactly have one particular style that she sticks to, she brings a bit from every trend and decade into her wardrobe while giving them all her own twist, tying everything together.

Above is a perfect example of Taylor’s 90’s influence. While grunge is most definitely in, Taylor is showing us that it is here to stay. The look is perfectly dressed down for day time, but by simply throwing on a different pair of shoes and necklace the look can go from day to night in a flash.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s style?

Adele x
How did you like post!? Let me know! 🙂

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