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I am going to ask you a set of questions and you have to tell me that how many YES and how many NO’s you got in the comment section below πŸ™‚

Have you ever hoped that you have an in-built natural skill that you will discover one day?

Have you ever did something that later you realized was wrong and wanted to “undo” some of your actions?

Are you happy with the person you look in the mirror everyday?

Have you ever advised someone not to do something and yet you yourself did it?

Have you ever wanted to be elder when you were young?

When you are leaving the home, have you ever felt that you are forgetting something?

Do you get annoyedΒ by candy-crush requests on Facebook?

Can you do something that others can’t?

Are you happy with the choices you’ve made or going to make?

Are you happy with what you have today?

Is something that you need to do asap but pending since a week or more?

Do you ever go to a room and forget what you were there for?

Have you ever stared at your phone like a stupid when you have no one to talk to in public?

Have you touched every ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ object?

Have you ever felt like there is a shark in the swimming pool with you and freak out?

Do you ever do random stuff when you are talking on the phone?


Congratulations, you’ve just proved that you are NORMAL! Β πŸ˜€

Also one more important thing.. I would now like to keep a consistent blog post do I’ve decided that I would be posting every Saturday! Hope you read them!

Let me know your number of YES and NO’ in comment section below!








15 thoughts on “Reflection”

  1. As a hoouaexmsl and a devout Catholic, I do my utmost every single day to follow my heart in doing what God wishes for me to do. Although it is extremely difficult to live by the teachings of the Church on purity and chasity, I do my best with the help of God. The church is Jesus Christ on earth. No one outside the Church has the right to condem or slander God. Judgement day will not be happy for those who wish to live their lives outside the grace of Almighty God, not even quote unquote “GAYS”.


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