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Story-time! The turning point in my life!


Prostrated on the back seat of the car, we were retracing our tracks home after a short adventurous weekend.

“This weekend was a terrific experience! ”, cried my younger brother fidgeting with the bag besides him.

I opened the window when the wind wafted past me  and  no sooner I realized that this was our last weekend in Nasik, because we were shifting to a new city, the next month itself. As the car turned towards the end of the road, it brought me to think about how similar my life appeared to be with the same ups and downs as a semi-built road with bumpy turns.


Could no other predicament arise? How can we shift? We have lived here ever since I was born and suddenly everything is changing! These thoughts sent a chill down my spine, as it appeared that I was the only one who was disturbed by this, well, CHANGE.


Entangled in my thoughts, I decided that trying to persuade my parents not to shift won’t help anymore. As soon as we got home, I ran up the stairs; locked the room and called up Renee, who is my man-Friday, to ask her if she found any idea to escape from this ‘no-one-could-help’ situation. I sobbed, while talking over the phone, as I didn’t want to bid my childhood friends and my immediate acquaintances a farewell. It was a whirlwind romance between my city and me which would soon come to an end.


Like an unexpected hurricane, Renee burst into my room while I was talking over the phone.

“You can stay in the boarding in OUR school!” snatching the phone from my hand, she cheered.

Oh well, that was a bon idea!

But boarding..?? Anyways, it would serve the purpose of being with my city.

I had heard a myriad stories about why boorish children are sent to boarding school and how people survive in the boarding school…

Well, at that sticky wicket I had no choice but boarding. My parents tried to make me understand that this wasn’t a good idea, that I was  just too young to be independent. However, I made up their mind to allow me to go to the boarding school.

After the initial persuading and coaxing, my family appeared to be cool externally about it but I knew how they felt within. In the days leading to my departure to the boarding in the school, my mom constantly gave me hugs. My dad tried to fulfil my every aspiration which was forbidden by my mother: I drank red wine (claiming it’s good for heart) 😉


While my parents were dropping me at the boarding dorm, in the car: it reminded me of the road when we were returning from the weekend and I  realized that the smoother way to go to a point is not to go straight to it but go to the curves and fix every curve (as told by one of the miss universe). There I was in the boarding school with new challenges to face.


“This is your room, this one is your bed, this is your cupboard,” my warden of the dorm, Ms Arlene said sophisticated, pointing towards the objects,” and these are your roommates…say hello to them! ”  


After Arlene ma’am left, the three seniors told me to sit on my bed. yeah? did I do something wrong? or is that what you do with every fresher?

Anxiously, I sat down and at first my roommates tried to dodge me 😛 Then at night after dinner unexpected happened “Welcome!”, they cheered.

They introduced themselves to me, told me their daily routine, also they said that if any girl in the dorm troubled me, I could complain to them and they would sort it out!


Ah! Well, you see? What I thought was a logical fallacy, none of what I had known happening at a boarding school to a new comer, everyone was so good with the fresher.

More importantly, not only did I make new friends  but I also learnt new things like praying before eating dinner, waking up early without any alarms, keeping my wardrobe tidy and also to have an organised routine. Undoubtedly, I missed my parents and brother but being with friends all the time camouflaged those feelings.


Sometimes unexpected changes are good for life, as CHANGE is the only thing CONSTANT. This divergent took me to a place I would have never gone: a boarding school, where I unfolded pages of my life, which I could not have done if I was not there.

(PS: whenever I read this, I feel nostalgic 🙂 )

21 thoughts on “Story-time! The turning point in my life!”

  1. Wow! What an experience! And you were SO brave to step out on your own! I love this post! It speaks to taking a chance and stepping out on faith! And… You got a head start on keeping your heart healthy… With the red wine! 🙂


  2. If these are the happenings of recent past, that’d mean so many change had taken place suddenly! Yet taking the time to write, that’s something I should learn from! May these experiences help you in the long run..:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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