Is being smart actually making you dumb?

What if, I challenge you not to use internet, mobiles, televisions or any other gadgets for 3 months, and you would win 30,000 bucks for it, would you accept? Seems difficult? That’s what I’m exactly talking about. Well, it’s 21st century, the era of gadgets! Be it senior citizen or a child, be it middle-class or high- class, be it leisure time or work time, smart gadgets have found their way into our lives. Hence, I would like to make the most of the opportunity of writing my blog, I would share my outlook on it with you teens.


Did you know that an average person with a smartphone will pull out the phone and look at it about 150 times a day? Today, If you don’t know something, you google it, if you don’t know how to do something you youtube it, if you want to talk, you whatsapp the person and if you want to know someone you facebook the person. It’s so easy to do whatever you want by just sitting in one corner of the world and typing it into the ‘smart’ gadget, but, is it really helping you? Are the so-called smart devices making us dumb? Let’s explore it!


Dependence on the gadgets makes us more addictive to them, which causes us to do desultory things such as texting someone aimlessly (I bet that you’ve aimless texted people! ). Don’t you think that texting has or will deteriorated people’s english grammar and spellings? For instance saying ‘lol’  when you are laughing in the real world, is this a step towards being a dumb? According to a study led by researchers at the University of Coventry  surveyed and found that kids who sent three or more text messages a day had significantly lower scores on literacy tests than children who sent none due to  greater use of text abbreviations like “c u l8r” for “see you later .How can Smartphone make people dumb when the technology related to it changes forcing the people to get acquainted with latest changes? Today, If you want to buy anything you just have to click max 5 times and the item is on your doorstep the other week, but hey, is this making you lazier? Although having a Global Positioning System (GPS) is a better way of finding out the way rather than asking people around. Undoubtedly, gadgets make infact have made our lives more facil which also saves our time and energy.  Another blog, 21stcenturytext, claims that by 2020, use of the Internet will have boosted human intelligence with people becoming smarter and making better choices as a result of unprecedented access to information.( Aha! now you have an excuse whenever your mother tells you that you spend much time on your cellphone.)


Occasionally, we tend to dismiss the work from mind to get coiled up with the social media sites, right? ( How well do I know you! ) This also causes us to forget a numerous things we were going to do instead, which is the greatest drawback of using ‘smart’ gadgets is the adverse impact on our memories. However, not all of us would agree to the above statement, some just have their limits of using them. On the other hand, youngsters don’t understand this and easily get caught in the virtual world with the internet ( Including me). Even though I abutment the fact that the purpose of the smart gadgets is to make our life simpler, better and more productive, the key question which awaits to be answered: are we letting them do what they are for or just looking for escape routes from tasks and areas of our animosity?


The point that is implicit in the above mentioned lines is that people are becoming mechanical as they are getting more and dependent on gadgets. The augmentation in technology has had and will be having a great success to the upcoming years, nevertheless I  comply with the president of USA, Obama that “With iPods and iPads; Xboxes and PlayStations, information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation.” Hereby, I feel that using gadgets won’t make you dumb unless you bid to use it more often rather than doing the targeted task.


For every good thing, there is a bad thing, likewise the benevolence of technology could be misused if used against the purpose. Maintaining a harmony between the virtual world and real world is as crucial as time.  So, are you yet willing to take the challenge of going without gadgets and internet for 3 months?


12 thoughts on “Is being smart actually making you dumb?”

  1. Nicely expressed thoughts rashi…I am pleased to read it from you…I must appreciate it..the only thing I want to tell is “Being ENOUGH smart will never prove us dumb “. BALANCE is the key. We should walk with 21st century’s world of technology but should never forget to read fundamentals. After all we are humans and not machines.Be enough old school and be enough play child.
    Stay connected.Keep smiling 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If I didn’t have to use it for work it could be done as I have gone months not using a phone so it would be good to try. But maybe start small like a day and build up. Lol. 🙂


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