The One

The girl who was looking and looking and looking, she wouldn’t stop until she found it. How long can one test her patience, for once understand she

And there it was right opposite to her eyeballs, it was in the color of love or the color of danger?  No, it was the color which had no color or rather the color which absorbed all the colors into it?

Yes, that’s what she wanted to do. The decision was so clear. So finite. Lying in front of her like a flying machine was her future asking her to do the things she wanted, the way she wanted it to be. And she knew. She knew and she knew.

Fate, fortune, feelings she asked them, what was the valley between her and colors? What was that that tied her, not to do the things which uplifted her?   Tied? No, perhaps the thinking, the thinking of the ancients which made her doubt about herself, was that all?

Happy was she, she was happy. She did what she wanted to do, she did what she felt was right. Yet ancients stared at her rights. Her rights, her rights and her rights.

Perhaps what could it be?




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  1. Have you wrote a book???? If not, you definitely should!!!!! 💛


    1. well thats quite flattering! one day I’m sure i will! thanks!

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      1. Yes please do!!!! I am in love with your writing skills!!!

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      2. so am I with yours!

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      3. Perhaps we could write a book together one day 💛💛💛💛

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      4. sure sure! would love to do that!

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