The Realization

Hi, it's been long isn't it? Well, okay I admit it. I got caught up in the whirlpool of social media and pleasing others. Did this happen to you too? Today when I was cleaning my desk and removing all unwanted books and papers from my high school, I found a book. A Very Special… Continue reading The Realization

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New Perspective

I loved reading books. Yes I said it in the past with an “Ed”. I used to read all the time; Whether in the bathroom or waiting in a line. Infact which inspired me to write my own writings, So I started with small poetries and stories of mine. And to compile it all together… Continue reading New Perspective

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Living for the Second Time – Organ Donation

While reading an article about Organ Donation, I realized that I have known that it always existed, however, even though it has a very significant impact on people's lives, it has appeared to have a lack of awareness. So today, I decided to write about Organ Donation to spread the awareness! I hope you will… Continue reading Living for the Second Time – Organ Donation

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Guest Post: The Beat – Ziana Drew

She killed me, broke my heart, mended it with Nutella and filled it with Tequila. Now, it beats. It beats to a rhythm, a rhythm that's made of the beats of self-discovery, beats of wanderlust, beats of joy, friendship, love, lust and to whatever it feels like. Life has become nothing but a game and… Continue reading Guest Post: The Beat – Ziana Drew

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A letter to 20 year old me #Rashi

Dear 20-year-old Rashi, By the time you read this letter there might me much better ways to connect with the future self but for now let me stick to my adorable blog. For now, I am enjoying my school life and learning how not to procrastinate.  I know times would have changed and that you… Continue reading A letter to 20 year old me #Rashi